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construction & architecture

Construction partners you can build on

Construction work is about working together. This means establishing a capable project team by bringing together people from the right areas of expertise and specialists. VIRO's Civil Engineering advises, calculates, designs, and supervises construction projects and building processes. Our engineers proactively contribute ideas at all times.

brochure construction & architecture
brochure construction & architecture

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Enter your email address below to download the brochure

construction & architecture

Sustainable energy and energy-efficient

The Paris Climate Agreement is a commitment to a climate neutral Europe by 2050. As a result, property owners in government, healthcare, industry and other sectors are now tasked with making their buildings more sustainable and energy efficient. The key challenge is to realise this in a manageable way, within realistic planning, capacity, performance and cost frameworks.

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construction & architecture

Project partner from the moment of initiative to completion

VIRO's Construction & Architecture department focuses on your project from the moment of initiative to completion. We support projects in residential and commercial construction as well as industrial and civil engineering. This can involve new construction and implementing adjustments. Additional examples include redevelopment, renovation, or management and maintenance. We can join you at any stage of the project to provide an appropriate response to your engineering enquiry, ensure quality, help keep construction costs under control, and ensure monitor.
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construction & architecture

From schedule of requirements to licence

Based on your objectives, we can draw up a schedule of requirements and carry out a feasibility study if necessary. We create a sketch design that we discuss in detail with you and we go through it for timely feedback. If necessary or desirable, we can then have a discussion with the licensing authority or authorities to further fine-tune the possibilities. For example, think of the requirements of the building regulations and the planning permission. We further develop the design, prepare it for submission, and then submit the permit application to the competent authority on your behalf. We carry out all consultancy and design work and provide you with all drawings, calculations, reports, and specifications.

construction & architecture

From tender to completion

After going through the planning procedure, we draw up the structural contract documents/specifications. This is a suitable foundation for the tender, which we can also provide for you. With our contract documents/specifications, you have a solid contract document for the contractor’s offer and order. Once the contractor has been selected and the contract awarded, construction can begin. During the execution of a project we can further support you with construction supervision, oversight, management, safety, and the final completion.