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Smart Model Based Systems Engineering

A customised approach to the future of engineering

Mechanical engineering is all about being manageable, focusing on the customer, staying flexible, working faster, and doing things cheaper. And to tackle these challenges head-on, strategic innovation is the name of the game. But how exactly can you push forward in the right direction while maintaining the flow of orders? Well, that’s where VIRO's Smart Model-Based Systems Engineering comes in.

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‘We embark on a seven-step journey towards achieving your goal. These steps can be as small or large as needed, each tailored to your current situation as well as the next target in your plans.’

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What is Smart Model Based Systems Engineering?

Smart: you take smart steps forward, adapted to your situation, within the parameters of Industry 4.0 (Smart Industry)

Model Based: your business case is based on flexible and efficient modular mechanical engineering

Systems Engineering: all systems are engineered and integrated based on this modular foundation

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Sander Snellink
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Erwin van Zomeren
Smart Model Based System Engineering


To date, the design and manufacture of unique machines designed entirely to meet customer specifications has been a good business model for OEMs. But now that the need to reduce costs and do more with fewer people is becoming more and more pressing, machine manufacturers are starting to rethink their approach. The solution to many challenges is to develop a modular product portfolio. This is because using modular product families has major advantages for all business processes:

  • Lead times are reduced
  • Materials and components can be purchased at lower prices
  • Customers receive better quotations more quickly
  • Products are easier to manage
  • Failure costs are reduced through standardised production
  • Maintenance and service activities are carried out on a predictive and proactive basis
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Curious about what we can do for you in the transition to modular mechanical engineering?

Partnership oriented

Succes through cooperation

What can we do to help boost your performance of technology? First we will sound ideas out with you until we get to the heart of the matter. You take us through your situation and the crux of your challenge. Do you want to accelerate your time to market? Reduce your costs? Do more to innovate, with minimal risk? Improve expertise or increase flexibility in your engineering team? Get your team to concentrate on the essentials?

Partnership oriented

What can we do to help boost your performance of technology?

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