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Central direction and control

The reality is that organisations often lack the knowledge, time and capacity to implement the transition under their own steam, although this is the ideal scenario in terms of manageability. No hotchpotch of projects, agendas and focus points but one central steering and coordination approach based on one strategic sustainability plan. That’s exactly the reason you should meet the Civil Engineering people at engineering company VIRO.

Integrated or compartmentalised

VIRO is a multidisciplinary engineering company that designs, draws, organises and coordinates projects in a wide variety of markets and innovative niches. Our Civil Engineering Department has direct lines to all those knowledge sources, idea creators and implementers. This enables us to create holistic links between the energy transition, sustainability and environmental protection themes. As one cohesive challenge. But we also address individual components. It’s about whatever best matches the client’s vision, objectives, strategy and possibilities.

Full-scale project management

Sustainability and energy conservation projects for buildings must be defined, organised, planned, coordinated and implemented within budget and schedule. That’s why VIRO’s Civil Engineering department offers a full project management service, from orientation, design, preparation, permit procedures, procurement and management through to completion. The impact on the client’s organisation is minimal enabling them to continue concentrating on their core activities, while remaining in full control including via regular digital updates and physical ‘stands’ on planning, finance and quality.

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our approach: from A to Z

1. Assess

We review the options, including the sustainability and energy saving improvement challenges, the opportunities we have to realise them and the features of these opportunities (costs, technical complexity, feasibility, appearance, image etc.). The client can use this review to make considered choices.

2. Specify

We make choices, establish the demands and requirements, and use the identified improvement opportunities to initiate sustainability/energy savings by starting one or more projects. For a successful approach, it is important that we clearly define the starting points and requirements together. We use this definition to steer and monitor the project including an initial draft of the design.

3. Plan & Execute

A good set of premises enables us to start a predictable project. After phases 1 and 2, our project manager is tasked with achieving a concrete result based on the objective, which gives our multidisciplinary project team the starting points they need to optimise the design approach and implementation, enabling the contractor to build exactly what is required.

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