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smart industrial machinery (SIM)

The future is up to SIM

Rapid technological advancements and a changing global economy are leaving their mark on the industry. Innovations are coming thick and fast. Product life cycles are getting shorter. To remain competitive, companies need to be flexible and maintain an ability to adapt their production processes seamlessly and efficiently.

As mechanical engineers your role has moved on from what it used to be. Clients expect you to help them evaluate their production life cycles and come up with smart, flexible, modular solutions: Smart Industrial Machinery (SIM).

Intelligent, flexible, and modular solutions

smart industrial machinery (SIM)

Intelligent network

Smart industry embraces all kinds of innovative trends, such as 3D printing, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT focuses on gathering, analysing and interpreting process and machine data, and enabling the machine or device to communicate automatically with other units within the production network. SIM offers important benefits and opportunities:

  • By connecting and optimising different manufacturing processes, your clients are able to increase productivity.
  • The smart analysis of machine data means they can anticipate issues more quickly and identify areas for improvement.
  • Adaptable mechanical design and modular software allow your clients to modify their machinery quickly and efficiently.
  • You can add value to your machinery and offer new services, for example uptime guarantee, predictive (i.e. preventive) maintenance and/or remote maintenance.
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smart industrial machinery (SIM)

SIM architecture

SIM emanates from the synergy of diverse disciplines: information and communications technology (industrial intelligence), mechanical engineering, electrical engineering (including wiring), and process technology. As a multidisciplinary engineering firm, we have in-house expertise in all these areas. We can even add a system architect to your SIM project team. Our system architect will make sure all subsystems are optimally coordinated with each other, while defining and monitoring the corresponding internal and external interfaces. This is also crucial if you need to make sure that your machine is performing optimally in your client’s integrated system.

smart industrial machinery (SIM)

The VIRO SIM Toolkit

Participating in smart industry requires developing new machinery or modifying existing equipment and production systems. Although custom software is often developed from scratch, this is not necessary in all cases. You can also use the Smart Industrial Machinery (SIM) Toolkit from VIRO.

You will benefit from using tried and tested software modules with proven quality and functionality, and reduce the time and costs involved in development.

More functionality in less time

SIM Toolkit

Effective customisation

VIRO has developed a library of software building blocks that make generic functionality available. The result is the SIM Toolkit. This toolkit allows you to extend the general operating system on which your Smart Industrial control system runs with functions that are useful and essential to each system. Examples include logging, various communication protocols (e.g. OPC-UA), user authentication and remote access.

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Overcome complex challenges with system engineering from VIRO

Our society is undergoing a vital transformation, with technology the key driving factor and industry at the forefront. For companies, it is a challenging and sometimes confusing time. Industrial issues are become increasingly complex. For engineering company VIRO, it’s one of the reasons to start using System Engineering.

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from practice

The future of Smart Industrial Machinery (SIM)

If you think of the start of the 19th century when you hear the words ‘Industrial Revolution,’ it’s time for an update. Because we’re right in the middle of a new revolution. The latest wave of industrial automation is sparking a fascinating change, with amazing opportunities for industry.

The keyword in this movement is SIM: Smart Industrial Machinery. ‘The upshot of SIM is that we don’t just see the machine as a device that performs production activities – we can also collect data about the machine’s performance. Based on that data, we can learn how to use the machine and the entire production system more effectively.

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IMS about VIRO

Our expertise is concentrated in the real-time world, the world that involves motion control and a succession of manufacturing steps on a machine. Flexible control of whole production cells and lines is a relatively new phenomenon. To take this technology to a higher level, we joined forces with VIRO,

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partnership oriented

Success through cooperation

What can we do to help boost your performance of technology? First we will sound ideas out with you until we get to the heart of the matter. You take us through your situation and the crux of your challenge. Do you want to accelerate your time to market? Reduce your costs? Do more to innovate, with minimal risk? Improve expertise or increase flexibility in your engineering team? Get your team to concentrate on the essentials? Together, we will draw up an inventory of your aims, ideas, and opportunities. We won’t think for you, we’ll share ideas with you. What is the best form of cooperation to achieve your plans and help you succeed? By examining your strategy and objectives, you can then get the maximum benefit out of our partnership.

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What can we do to help boost your performance of technology?