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Reliabilty is everything

Safety first. The aviation industry’s absolute key value also applies to tooling. It needs to be 100% reliable. As tooling engineers for the aerospace industry, we can essentially handle any issue, but our main areas of specialisation and expertise lie in more challenging and complex projects.

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Total control

Our focus is on tooling for tests and simulations, for the handling of components, and for maintenance, repairs, and servicing. Using our expertise in the areas of design, engineering analysis, materials, automation/computerisation, cable routing, validation, and CE management, we develop reliable and robust tooling. Working closely with mechanical engineers and OEMs, we supply the tools and supervise the commissioning of machinery.

We have a great deal of experience with tooling of all sizes, whether it involves orthodox or innovative solutions. Our combination of expertise and a holistic approach mean we achieve pragmatic and predictable results. A safe proposition for our clients – including from a planning and financial point of view.

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what our customers think of us

FFT about VIRO

We have cooperated pleasantly with VIRO on several projects. One of their specialties is the analysis of complex test systems in aerospace. Their added value in this area is very important to us. In other respects you also notice that you work with a reliable and competent partner. For us it is certain that when the opportunity arises we choose VIRO again.

Michael Johst
Head of Systems & Test Operations FFT Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG

partnership oriented

Success through cooperation

What can we do to help boost your performance of technology? First we will sound ideas out with you until we get to the heart of the matter. You take us through your situation and the crux of your challenge. Do you want to accelerate your time to market? Reduce your costs? Do more to innovate, with minimal risk? Improve expertise or increase flexibility in your engineering team? Get your team to concentrate on the essentials? Together, we will draw up an inventory of your aims, ideas, and opportunities. We won’t think for you, we’ll share ideas with you. What is the best form of cooperation to achieve your plans and help you succeed? By examining your strategy and objectives, you can then get the maximum benefit out of our partnership.

Partnership oriented

What can we do to help boost your performance of technology?