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Making sure the pieces fit perfectly

When it comes to product optimisation, cost reduction, and increased efficiency, you don’t immediately think of ‘invisible’ wiring or cable routing. However, they are often directly related to each other. As such, VIRO has its own fully-fledged cable routing department. Customers involve us in the design process at an early stage, so that our expertise can yield the best results for them.

We ensure safe, robust, and accessible routing

cable routing

New times, tricky demands

Whether we’re talking machinery, buses, lorries, heavy-duty vehicles, ships, aircraft, or tooling, accessible routing is required for cables, hoses, fuel lines, modules, and connectors. As electrification, sensor technology and electronics, automation, and IoT increase, so do the volumes and diameters of the cabling and the available space for them becomes ever tighter.

This highly demanding wiring may not automatically result in there being more complex and heavier structures; the product needs to be competitive. After all, with vehicles, less weight means less energy consumption. By rationalising 120 different routing structures for brand X machinery and reducing them to 25, the customer has less to engineer and maintain. It also means fewer spare parts have to be sent around the world. This allows the brand to remain competitive in the face of global competition.

cable routing

Complete, advanced, and reliable

Our solutions form part of critical systems and are therefore designed to meet the highest quality requirements. At VIRO, cable routing is at home in mechatronics and electromechanical engineering. In addition, we work closely with our colleagues in mechanical engineering and engineering analysis.

We analyse, advise, design, calculate, validate, and engineer. Increasingly, we involve VIRO’s software and automation specialists in our projects. Having a grip on the entire process means we have full control over the quality of our cable routing and customise it to meet the specific challenges. This allows us to provide complete, advanced, and reliable solutions.

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