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industrial Intelligence

Bits and bytes in technical hands

Under the name of industrial intelligence, we bring together our expertise in the areas of industrial automation, systems engineering, embedded and application software, data mining, and algorithms. All these playing fields have one key thing in common: their ‘game’ involves engineering. Our software engineers take to this area of expertise like ducks to water. They combine their technical software skills with broad and deep knowledge of engineering. Examples include mechanical and electronic systems, process engineering, and sensor technology. Consequently, we can deliver solutions that work as they are meant to.

We know how zeros and ones work in practice

industrial Intelligence

Industrial Automation

In industrial automation, we concentrate on the primary process: controlling, managing, calculating, and monitoring production processes and machinery. We do this for both the discrete manufacturing industry (product handling) and the process industry (chemicals, oil and gas, food, and energy). The engineering may relate to PLC, motion control, HMI, SCADA, MES, business intelligence, and robotics. We help our customers make their processes and production lines more efficient, more productive, and more competitive.

industrial Intelligence

Systems engineering

For products, machinery, and systems in a range of markets, we also organise systems engineering within the scope of our assignment, including the connectivity of the electronic and electromechanical systems. We ensure that all electronic and electromechanical components are switched properly and function reliably. Where necessary, we can also develop the software and hardware to guarantee results that operate optimally.

industrial Intelligence

Embedded and application software

In an increasing number of products and processes, software is a central system component that largely determines functionality. Quality and reliability are crucial, and development processes must run predictably. Our software engineers are not only experienced in developing custom applications for use on the PC or in the cloud. They are also familiar with highly demanding applications for specific hardware that is fully integrated in devices, in which an embedded operating system may or may not be used.

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industrial Intelligence

Data mining and algorithms

Trends such as the Internet of Things and the digital transformation mean companies have a huge amount of data at their disposal. Real gains can be found among the useful information we can distil from this raw data. Algorithms are the tools used to process, compact and combine data. They allow us to recognise patterns that can be turned into relevant solutions. Algorithms can therefore improve our understanding of product usage or production processes. By making the software smarter and investing in additional data and diagnostics, this big data can provide us with valuable feedback. Our software engineers provide the solutions that collect the right data and convert it into clear management information.

From big data to new insights to working smarter

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from practice

The future of Smart Industrial Machinery (SIM)

If you think of the start of the 19th century when you hear the words ‘Industrial Revolution,’ it’s time for an update. Because we’re right in the middle of a new revolution. The latest wave of industrial automation is sparking a fascinating change, with amazing opportunities for industry.

The keyword in this movement is SIM: Smart Industrial Machinery. ‘The upshot of SIM is that we don’t just see the machine as a device that performs production activities – we can also collect data about the machine’s performance. Based on that data, we can learn how to use the machine and the entire production system more effectively.

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