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engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCm)

Complete management of industrial projects

Industrial projects usually involve costly investments and complex decisions. This requires a good preparation and execution strategy. VIRO supports plant owners with EPCM: carefree partnership along the scopes of business administration, production management and engineering.


Unburdening while retaining control

EPCm (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) is an effective and flexible form of contract for the realisation of industrial projects. As project owner (plant owner), you are and remain involved and responsible, while we manage your project completely for you. Step by step. With every freedom along the way to adapt to advancing insights or an adjusted strategy. But before that happens, we first work with you to understand what you want from the project. How we can best integrate realisation into your long-term strategy. And how you ensure a successful business case.

Side note: With EPCm, you conclude the contracts with contractors and suppliers yourself. VIRO supervises the process.

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    Key advantages of EPCm

    • Involvement and control at every stage
    • Effective management of budget, time and quality
    • High-quality design and construction
    • Effective change management
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    Engineering phase


    EPCm projects involve engineering processes in many areas. These have to be defined, organised, planned, coordinated, executed safely and faultlessly so that no bottlenecks occur in the implementation phase. VIRO is a multidisciplinary engineering company with experience in a wide variety of processes: often with tangible benefits in time and costs.

    In the engineering phase, technical options are considered and decisions are made, with their impact on performance, quality and costs. We involve you in this openly and transparently; you decide.

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    Construction phase


    We put out requests, assess bids, organise tenders, evaluate suppliers and contractors, conduct negotiations, and so on. We advise you on procurement decisions and contracts to be concluded.

    Construction Management

    In the execution phase, we provide full construction management with everything that goes with it. From kick-off to completion. Think, for example, of the planning of preparation and execution, the design and safety of the project site, supply planning, logistics processes, construction team consultations, on-site management of contractors, cost monitoring, testing and delivery of technical installations.

    More information on VIRO's EPCm?
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    In cooperation with our partner Volantis, an engineering, architecture and consultancy group with offices in the Netherlands, we realise total engineering projects with EPCm and UAV-GC contracts.

    In this way, we relieve you of all your worries, save you time and give you full control over your procurement and the price-quality ratio.

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