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the performance of technology
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engineering analysis

Certainty about performance and results

Our Engineering Analysis department staff perform often complex analyses for projects in a wide range of sectors, including mechanical engineering, vehicle technology, amusement attractions construction, as well as in the offshore and processing industries.

Insights and results from design to use

engineering analysis

Computer technologies and simulations

We use high-end analysis tools and simulation models, and we can combine all relevant areas of knowledge at VIRO. This allows us to speed up development and engineering and boost decisiveness during the development and production phase.


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engineering analysis

Benefits of CAE Driven Design

Our engineering analysts often collaborate on design projects with engineers from our other departments. Analysis and simulation during the design phase help prevent mistakes from being made and ensure that products are reliable. Instead of using CAD (Computer Aided Driven Design), we are increasingly using CAE (Computer Aided Driven Engineering) in our virtual product development.

With CAE Driven Design, we apply the newest computer methods at the very beginning – when establishing the specifications or at the start of development. This is carried out not only afterwards or iteratively for verifications, as is often the case with CAD Driven Design. Using CAE Driven Design, enables us to identify and quantify variants, individual technical fields of work, and/or problems early on, helping to save time, reduce costs, and increase the quality of the product and/or the process.

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engineering analysis

Results from design to use

With the help of these analyses, we can test, validate, and optimise designs and products for you and check whether they meet standards (such as for certification). In addition to improving products, optimisation can lead to savings on the costs of production, materials, and/or energy. During the use phase of a device, machine, or system, we can use analyses and simulations to help you establish the causes and consequences of damage or deterioration. We can also provide you with an indication of any remedial measures and/or the residual lifespan.

engineering analysis

Reports and management information

As part of our studies and analyses you will receive clear reports, written in comprehensible language, setting out reasoned arguments for our recommendations. We can also render our recommendations as detailed technical drawings, so that your manufacturer can start production work straight away. If required, we can also facilitate and guide production for you.

Added values

risk management - cost control - time to market - agility

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