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Plate coolers for milk tank

Omega Thermo Products develops and applies state-of-the-art technology to provide customers with an optimum solution for their heat transfer applications. One of the options is plate coolers, such as those developed as part of this project to keep a 34,000-litre milk tank at a prescribed temperature. VIRO was asked to provide a drawing and calculations for this.

Work on the milk tank

Mechanical Engineering converted the 2D drawings of the plate coolers to a 3D CAD model. Omega Thermo Products also asked Engineering Analysis to determine the strength and rigidity of the plate coolers and milk tank through FEM calculations. The material data required for the FEM calculation are in accordance with British Standard EN 10028. The maximum pre-stress to be applied in the bolts of the cooling solution was also determined. The results were assessed in accordance with the DIMy code and NEN-EN 13445 (unfired pressure vessels) standard. The plate coolers were installed satisfactorily without deformation of the milk tank and are now amply supplying the required capacity!

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