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Condition measurement production facility Bakkersland

Maintenance costs are essential in the operation of a production facility. The complexity of buildings, technical installations and legislative obligations make it difficult to estimate the financial resources for the desired maintenance level. Condition measurement according to NEN 2767 standard provides an objective quality determination, with which buildings can be effectively managed, in which the quality is guaranteed and financial risks are minimized. Therefore “Bakkersland” from Zwanenburg asked VIRO’s department “Construction engineering” to determine the quality of their production facility, approx. 9000m2 in size, using a condition measure. Purpose was to determine the incurred maintenance costs in relation to other investments.

Report condition measurement

After measurement according to NEN 2767, we have implemented all the information into a forecast for a period of 20 years. The report provides view into volume and kind of costs, as well as recovery costs for defects. The report is subdivided here for rooms and buildings. The final result satisfies the requirements of organization in a practical way, says the customer.

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