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FEM analysis of offshore pipe bender

Maats is a supplier of pipeline equipment. Engineering Analysis was asked by the company to perform a variety of FEM calculations on a pipe bender. The purpose of the analysis was to be able to determine the deformations and mechanical tensions during a range of load scenarios. The pipe bender is located in the field and can bend both oil and gas pipes by up to 56 inches! What this basically means is that it can bend pipes with a diameter of 1400 mm and a wall thickness of 40 mm.

Strength calculation of pipe bender

Engineering Analysis created a finite element model. The static, buckling, and fatigue load scenarios were simulated in FEM and the results were assessed in accordance with Eurocode 3. The operating temperature ranged from -400 °C to 700 °C. As the pipe bender is therefore expected to operate under very cold offshore conditions, the brittleness of the material was also taken into consideration. The results were assessed and incorporated in a final report and a start was subsequently made on production!

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