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Development of fairground attractions

Engineering Analysis was asked by a customer to provide support in the development of various fairground attractions, such as the ‘XXL’, ‘Frisbee’, ‘Inversion’, ‘High Swing’, and ‘Mission Space’. It was necessary to demonstrate the strength and rigidity of the attractions before they could be developed and approved. Engineering Analysis therefore performed all required strength, buckling, fatigue, and stability analyses by means of finite element calculations.

Analyses of fairground attractions

These strength and rigidity calculations are also known as finite element calculations, FEM, or FEA. The FE analyses provide a quick and reliable picture of the strength and rigidity of the construction. This helps speeds up development time and therefore saves on costs. Before the finite element analyses are carried out, the load spectrum is first determined. The results of the finite element simulations are assessed in accordance with the EN 13814 standard in combination with the Eurocode. After making changes to the various designs, the attractions complied with all the specifications and were approved by the TÜV!

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