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Hero image - ZEM en TUE 2
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September 15, 2022

VIRO has become an official sponsor of TU/ecomotive!

TU/ecomotive is a student team from Eindhoven University of Technology, which focuses on shaping the future of sustainable mobility, by implementing recent innovations in concept cars.

They also challenge the industry to be as innovative as TU/ecomotive! The 42-members counting team hopes to inspire all kinds of people with their efforts and extraordinary concept cars.

Their latest car is called Zem, which they are currently touring North America with.

Zem is already grabbing a lot of attention; the car has already been spotlighted by several major media outlets. In fact, Zem cleans the air while driving! TU/ecomotive also uses sustainable and economical production methods, and aims to become 100% CO2 neutral.

TU/ecomotive has a great website with lots of inspiring stories and videos, so be sure to take a look:

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