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Industry 4.0 starts with the question: why do customers choose my product or service? How can I increase its value? So that I can improve my business proposition, strengthen my market position, and increase my margin?

We still often see that entrepreneurs want to find out more about Industry 4.0 because they want to use the technology to improve their production efficiency. Of course, this is just one of the possibilities. Most importantly, it can help you strengthen your market position. Read more about the characteristics and opportunities of Industry 4.0 here.

Start in four steps

Let’s discuss Industry 4.0 in practice. The key word associated with it is ‘insight’. You need to know the facts, understand the implications, and make decisions accordingly. How do you start? Where exactly do you begin? Our advice is to start small and then see what direction to take. It is only possible to guide and adjust the process based on measurable and real-time data. Proceed as follows:

  • Record all process data in one location. Often, the data originates from several sources (such as machines and systems). By recording this data in a central location, you can combine information to create a total picture and gain a better understanding. This insight might be very small to start with. That’s fine as long as a start is made. It is always possible to expand later.
  • Based on the insight that you obtain, you can then set priorities. You add focus. What do you want to adjust or change? Focus ensures that your efforts, however small, produce immediate results.
  • By continuing to optimise these steps, you develop an organic control and improvement process. Instead of responding to incidents, you continually make specific adjustments.
  • Start small. This will enable you to determine more specifically what subsequent step to take.

How do you link and manage data?

You can usually use a SCADA/MES solution to connect all the components in the process to one another and make them accessible. This makes it easier to update, monitor, and analyse data. For specific applications, VIRO offers a Smart Industrial Machinery Toolkit that includes standard software modules which you can use to create a customised solution and save on costs.

Industry 4.0

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