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Kooiman chooses VIRO as engineering partner

Kooiman Marine Group develops and builds new made-to-order ships, converts existing ships, and maintains and repairs damage to hulls, propulsion systems, and other installations.

For Titan LNG, Kooiman Marine Group led the consortium to build the FlexFueler 001. The FlexFueler is a floating fuel station that supplies LNG (liquid natural gas) across water, making ship-to-ship bunkering possible. The LNG pontoon can be used to deliver LNG fuel anywhere in the port. LNG is a much cleaner fuel than the heavily polluting fuel oil. The FlexFueler 001 is used for deliveries in the port of Amsterdam, to cruise ships for example. After construction of this pontoon, VIRO further streamlined the existing Siemens NX model. Based on this model, Kooiman was commissioned to build a second pontoon. This FlexFueler 002 will deliver LNG to ships in the port of Antwerp.

For the engineering work, Kooiman uses Siemens NX Ship Design. Among the reasons Kooiman chose VIRO as their engineering partner were the firm’s extensive experience with the software, the availability of shipbuilding engineers, and the location. Working in close partnership with Kooiman, VIRO provided the class drawings, detailed engineering, production information, and cutting files for the FlexFueler project.

VIRO has extensive experience in the design of yachts, naval ships, and inland waterways vessels. Within this field of expertise, VIRO has also concentrated on the use of the Siemens NX Ship Design 3D CAD software. In addition to engineering for shipbuilding and equipment, VIRO also focuses on the integration of these two disciplines.