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the performance of technology
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product engineering & optimisation

Discipline, creativity, and results

Innovation, product development, and improvements to your products and processes all help to consolidate your market position. They’re the core of your business. Our Product Engineering & Optimisation engineers support your design department with extra capacity and/or provide expertise that you need in-house – either because you don’t have any or you don’t have enough.

Faster insight into feasibility and value

brochure product engineering & optimisation

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product engineering & optimisation

Structured process

Multidisciplinary engineering firm VIRO is familiar with all fields of work that directly or indirectly link up with the development or optimisation of your product: from mechanical design to industrial product design and from electrical and instrumentation engineering to hardware engineering, cable routing, and software & control.

If desired, we will work with you to determine which specifications your product must meet. Our design process follows the well-known ‘V model’. We analyse your question, make the design, and, if necessary, gradually evolve it up to and including Proof of Concept. During the process, we carry out structural verifications and validations.

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product engineering & optimisation

Tangible 3D model

During concept development, we can make use of various creative technologies and techniques as well as technical tools, such as brainstorming sessions, topology optimisations, and multibody simulations. We create the design in a 3D-CAD model and, if requested, create a visually rendered model (IPO), making the result visible and tangible for all stakeholders.

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product engineering & optimisation

CAE: get certainty faster

To strengthen CAD (Computer Aided Design), we are increasingly using CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) in our virtual product development. With CAE, we apply the newest computer methods at the very beginning – when establishing the specifications or at the start of development. This is carried out not only afterwards or iteratively for verifications, as is often the case with CAD. By using CAE, we can identify and quantify variants, individual technical fields of work, and problems at an early stage (often before they are constructed), helping to save time, reduce costs, and increase the quality of the product or the process.

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product engineering & optimisation

Production-ready design

As part of the design process you will receive clear reports, written in comprehensible language, setting out reasoned arguments for the design. We can also translate the design into detailed drawings for you, so you can start producing parts based on this. If required, we can also facilitate and guide prototype production for you.

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partnership oriented

Success through cooperation

What can we do to help boost your performance of technology? First we will sound ideas out with you until we get to the heart of the matter. You take us through your situation and the crux of your challenge. Do you want to accelerate your time to market? Reduce your costs? Do more to innovate, with minimal risk? Improve expertise or increase flexibility in your engineering team? Get your team to concentrate on the essentials? Together, we will draw up an inventory of your aims, ideas, and opportunities. We won’t think for you, we’ll share ideas with you. What is the best form of cooperation to achieve your plans and help you succeed? By examining your strategy and objectives, you can then get the maximum benefit out of our partnership.

Partnership oriented

What can we do to help boost your performance of technology?

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