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Custom software for De Landmeetdienst (the land measurement service) Borne

Recently, VIRO delivered a great piece of custom software for De Landmeetdienst (the land measurement service) in Born. You can contact De Landmeetdienst to determine the levelness of a new industrial floor. On site and in accordance with the agreed standard (typically NEN2747), De Landmeetdienst will determine the required measurement points and collect data in a report that explains the levelness class. De Landmeetdienst called on VIRO to automate the processing of the data into a qualitative report. Thanks to a modest investment, De Landmeetdienst now has a piece of software that it can use to effectively serve its clients.

Director Roel Meems says, ‘The collaboration with VIRO was great and productive. Furthermore, we are happy with the delivered solution; the report is available in a flash after the measurements. Above all, the reports are guaranteed to be in accordance with the standard. My clients are pleased with the insight provided to them.’