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July 29, 2021

Based in Enschede, TValley is the innovation cluster for smart engineers working together on challenging, innovative projects in the fields of robotics, mechatronics and ambient intelligence. They connect higher education and industry with their joint R&D program. With their knowledge network, TValley explores innovative technologies and trains new talent and professionals.

VIRO and TValley work in different segments, so much can be learned from each other. In addition, there is a nice overlap of segments that are in the dna of VIRO and TValley. Namely, Industry 4.0, Industrial Automation and Smart Industrial Machinery (SIM) which includes 3D printing, robotics and 'The Internet of Things (IoT).

Theo de Vries, Head of Department at VIRO, says that he is very pleased with this new commitment: "TValley has a strong network of experienced professionals and companies, as well as knowledge departments throughout the region. The joint R&D projects and direct connection with new talents are very valuable for VIRO. We look forward to intensifying and improving the mechatronics ecosystem in the East of the Netherlands!"

Finally, all inquisitive engineers with a passion for robotics, mechatronics and ambient intelligence, take note! The TValley Tech Conference takes place on September 30, and this is the perfect place to learn more about your future career. Because there are plenty of opportunities in the region and TValley is happy to tell you more about them. In addition, VIRO is also present at the Tech Conference, hopefully until then! Click the link for more information:

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