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July 27, 2021

In preparation for the new way of working and steady growth, VIRO Groningen office anticipates a need for additional space. Currently, there are days with a relatively low office occupancy, but in general the Groningen branch is already reaching the limits of its existing space with the current measures.

Recently, the lease for the first floor was signed to complement the existing floors in Groningen. With this opportunity coming up, we weighed up a number of options. The current building offers so many advantages for the Groningen branch that it was decided to continue the growth at this location. The office in Dissen was looked at for inspiration. Where, for example, they have a special V-Café where you can work behind a desk.

Nostimos is currently still located on the first floor, and will be moving to another location by October. The following two weeks the space will be adapted to the new requirements, after which VIRO branch Groningen can make use of it. The plans for the future (re)layout is still under development, but it will undoubtedly be a success.

VIRO branch Groningen is specialized in Shipbuilding, as the only VIRO branch in the Netherlands. Among other things, superyachts, marine vessels, lng tankers and deck equipment are developed in Groningen.

In addition, the Groningen office helps their customers with Plant Design, Wind/Offshore, High Tech (think of telescopes and space applications) and Machinery. Many active recycling projects are running in the Machine Construction department, for example for waste separation, which is getting higher and higher on the Dutch government's agenda. New packaging made from sustainable materials is also being developed in Groningen. In the field of sustainability, more and more projects are taken on, through which VIRO contributes to a sustainable society with the available knowledge and expertise.

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