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August 19, 2021

VIRO’s having a growth spurt! We’ve had a strong presence in Germany for almost a year now thanks to our new German headquarters in Dissen.

And for some time, we’ve also had an office in the southern German city of Aalen. In order to increase the office’s visibility and create a solid basis for upcoming projects, we decided to move the office to the new and innovative iLiveTower in Aalen. And what a fantastic upgrade!

The eye-catching building has become something of a local landmark. The new office has space for about 25 new employees and will also be used as an auxiliary branch for the Netherlands offices in the future.

Being located close to our customers in the south of Germany offers us new opportunities and is a huge benefit from a strategic point of view, as it means we can now offer a more effective and faster service. This development represents another important and strategic step in the VIRO Group’s expansion.

André Scheer says,

‘We have full confidence in the future. Jens Dickenherr is representing us as the office team leader. Janina Scholte is our Key Account Manager and will remain in close contact with local customers. Both have extensive experience in the semiconductor sector and in mechanical engineering. We're optimistic and highly motivated to further expand the Aalen office and VIRO’s activities.’

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