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Optimisation of compressor support

Engineering Analysis was asked by Stork Special Products to help reduce the production costs of a compressor support. The ultimate aim was to save on costs without compromising on the technical specifications of the design. The new and optimised design had to be just as rigid and strong as the original compressor support. By conducting a range of different FEM simulations, it was possible to determine the strength and rigidity of both the original design and the new one. This makes it possible to obtain a clear picture of the construction which helps to clarify the opportunities available for optimisation.

FEM analyses of compressor support

The results of the FEM analyses carried out showed that it was possible to optimise the design of the compressor support. The new design could consist of thinner plates. It was also possible to replace several of the milled components with bent plates. The new design reduced the production costs by half without any loss of mechanical performance! This optimisation is a fantastic example of how Engineering Analysis can help develop and optimise products.

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