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Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

NEM designs and supplies various types of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG). These generators use the energy recovered from the hot exhaust gases of gas turbines to generate steam for the production of electricity. Engineering Analysis carried out a variety of FEM analyses for the purpose of analysing the steel construction and housing of a generator.

Activities for HRSG

  • Determining the load spectrum of the earthquake accelerations
  • Performing a modal analysis and buckling analysis based on FEM
  • Defining imperfections such as global oscillations in the construction and local bow imperfections in the housing
  • Performing a non-linear static analysis with elastic-plastic materials in order to analyse the behaviour, integrity, and stability of the construction with imperfections during the earthquake accelerations

This HRSG now generates steam for the production of electricity and, in doing so, contributes to a sustainable world!

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