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A parametric 3D-model to convince clients with

MATCO INTERNATIONAL: "VIRO, we are looking for a clear and interactive communication tool to better inform customers.
Can you help us develop a parametric 3D model that we can use to demonstrate an arrangement to customers, íncluding a representation of the capacity for the chosen arrangement?"

VIRO: "Of course we can! And by means of a configuration screen you can adjust all settings and variables (on location!) in order to demonstrate the various possibilities to the customer. Together you can discuss the most suitable setup with the customer."

Matco: "Great. We develop and produce fully automatic pallet wrappers, is it possible to design a parametric 3D model for that?"

VIRO: "Definitely. Whether you are constructing a packing robot, pallet wrapper or total plant, with Tecnomatix Plant Simulation from Siemens we create unique (3D) models that provide clear insights."

VIRO developed a 3D model for Matco with which all desired settings can be adjusted. For example, pallet height, rotational speed, film overlap, etc.
The customer will probably adjust the requirements and have complex questions. But with the visual model you demonstrate all the possibilities of your product, and reassure the customer.

If, following this small but practical example, you are interested in what VIRO can do for you, please feel free to contact us.