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Analysis of Mission Space

Mission Space is a two-armed, 70-metre-high telescopic tower. Each arm is 30 metres long. A capsule that can accommodate ten people hangs on each arm. As the tower spins, the capsules rise and fall a distance of ten metres, thanks to a special lifting mechanism. The ride is exposed to static, dynamic, and wind-induced stress as the tower rotates, which causes significant fatigue on the materials and additional wind-induced stress.

Assessment of Mission Space

VIRO performed the verification calculations for this ride in accordance with Eurocode 3, DIN 13814, and DIN 15018 standards. This also includes both the stability and fatigue assessments of all welding, pin, and bolt joints. To classify welds, Engineering Analysis uses a program it has developed itself and which has been approved by TÜV. Thanks to this technology, we are able to analyse welds very quickly for fatigue.

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