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Webinar - Composite applications in automotive

Advances in analytical methods for composite applications in the automotive industry

Thijs Romans, groupleader of Engineering Analysis at VIRO was one of the speakers at the Online Materials 4 Sustainable Mobility conference on 23 March.

Thijs talks about how VIRO bridges the gap between the producer of a material (composite) and the producer of a product. One party develops the best possible material that can be used in a product and the other party develops the best possible product and looks for suitable materials. VIRO helps the customer to make the ideal combinations by performing simulations and optimizations.

In addition, Thijs explains why composite plays such an important role in automotive and the future of mobility.

In order to use composites for automotive applications, it must be proven that existing solutions (based on metal) can be replaced by composites. This involves many considerations (strength, fatigue, weight, durability, costs, etc.).

Curious about Thijs's webinar? Scroll down to watch it!

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