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industrial safety

Working safely starts with safe design

In any industrial process, it is crucial that human safety is guaranteed. Nothing is more important – every risk to safety is one too many. Professional risk management starts with the design of your production machines and systems, with practical safety being the key term.

Safety standards and measures are not simply theoretical and annoying factors (i.e. because of the extra complication they may entail); they are essential issues that you have to embed as a functional and integral part of the design process in order to create safe as well as practical, workable solutions. At VIRO, we start sharing our ideas on all relevant safety aspects during the concept phase. This means you avoid having to make costly alterations to the design, your machine, or your plant at a later stage.

Together, we ensure that your people can work safely

Industrial safety

Safety is everywhere

Industrial Safety may involve the transport, assembly, operation, and maintenance of a machine. On new and existing machines, processes and plant. On different laws and regulations applicable in various countries or on various continents. On user instructions aimed at different target audiences, each with their own level of knowledge and experience. And so on and so forth.

As an engineering firm, VIRO has a deep-running knowledge of both Technology and Safety. This enables us to advise you on all aspects of Safety and support you in finding the right solutions.

industrial safety

Safety of machinery, plant, products, and processes

As a concept, Industrial Safety covers a wide range of aspects, focusing on machinery, products, plant, and processes. At VIRO, we can be of service to you in four areas:

  • law and regulations, standards, safety principles
  • process safety
  • product and machine safety
  • work equipment

We apply our knowledge of laws, regulations, standards, guidelines, analyses, certifications (including CE) and documentation to designs, research and advice, according to your needs and requirements. With the efforts of our safety specialists, we work with you to make sure your people can work safely and that your machine, plant and/or production environment complies fully with the law and regulations.

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industrial safety

Risk Management

An important aspect of Industrial Safety for processes, machines and installations is Risk Management. Where Industrial Safety is concerned, there are two categories of risk management:

  1. Preventing and limiting unsafe situations.
  2. Gaining insight into the reliability of processes, products, and machinery.

Performing a Custom Risk Assessment will provide us all with insight into the safety risks of a design (process, machine or product) or an existing system. This means specific measures can be taken quickly to bring risks down to acceptable levels, at acceptable costs.

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