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Motion of hoisting and telescopic crane

Engineering Analysis carried out all the required motion analyses for a customer for the purpose of evaluating a hoisting and telescopic crane.

Calculations of hoisting and telescopic crane

The loads that were applied to this telescopic handler were quickly determined with the help of a 1D beam model in Motion software (Multi Body Dynamics). The loads were then used in the detailed 3D model as input for conducting linear static FEM calculations. The results of the detailed model show the reaction forces, tensions, and deformations that have been assessed and reported on.

Engineering Analysis

Would you like a guarantee that your design or construction meets the required standards? We have more than forty Engineering Analysis professionals who specialise in accurately designing and validating mechanical engineering constructions in relation to technical requirements such as strength, rigidity, thermal load, flow, stability, fatigue, and statics and dynamics.

If you would like to know more about what VIRO can do for you, please contact one of our specialists at your nearest VIRO office.